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What if you and your partners are changed into an animal in a zoo? Do you want to rebel the rules of zookeepers? If so, Zooba is here for you to have fun playing! You will begin your battle against zookeepers there and the winner will become a new king of your zoo after you kill all of your enemies!


Like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, Zooba is a kind of Online Battle Royale games but more than a Battle Royale game. Zooba can bring you a quite different experience about a battle with completely new theme. We are sure Zooba can leave you an unforgettable and pleasant impression with excitement and passions during playing it.

– Images of players as an animal

You are a small animal rather than a mighty warrior. But in stead of calling you a small animal in this game, it’s better to call you a rebellious beast in the zoo. You need to make your cute animal fight with other animals against the zookeepers to win your freedom and glory.

Your strategies vary from the animal you choose. At most 45 players can join each of the online battle at the same time. And there are more than 20 types of animals with their own unique abilities, strengths, mobility as well as weakness. Thus you can either choose your favorite animal according to its cute look or its fighting capacity to complete your mission. And we hope you use as more types of animals as possible to experience more fun!

Moreover, the face and actions of each animal is also variable. Every time when they are facing enemies or fighting, and every time when you win or lose a game, those animals will change their cute face and movements. You must be entertained to see them laughing, crying or dancing.

– Various weapons with various strategies

Every kind of animal will have a special available weapon for a battle so that you can choose different species of animals to enjoy different fighting styles. You can just defend to ensure your safety, attack bravely and aggressively and even attempt for a raid by hiding and waiting for enemies to come. Any strategy is possible as long as you use your wisdom and have a try.

Click the virtual button on both the right and left of your screen for navigation, and you can switch your weapons if necessary. Every time you defeat enemies, you can collect your scores and increase the changes of unlocking more powerful weapons as well as upgrade or change your old  weapons into better and more advanced ones.

Besides strengthening your power to fight against others, you can also enhance your defence to make yourself impregnable. Zooba provides all kinds of items for it such as armor, backpacks, armors and so on which can also dress your animal in a cooler way and make yourself harder to be defeated.

And finally, based on the food chain, you will rule the whole zoo to be the king of all the animals. And this is your final mission in Zooba.

– Having fun with your friends

In online multiplayer mode, you can invite your friends into your team to join your battle royale, which can make your fight funnier and strengthen your friendship. Besides, you can choose the matching mode to join random teams with players all over the world. In this way can you make friends and be connected to the whole world.

There is also a special event every week for you to gain super advanced items. If you want to level up and increase your winning percentage, don’t miss any of the weekly events!

We are sure to serve you a exciting and prized time for playing games. Come and join Zooba to enjoy every second without hesitation!


  • Name of Game: Zooba
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Wildlife Studios
  • MOD Features: Hack Map
  • Requires Android: Android 6.0
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Google Play
  • The Newest Version:4.22.0(with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Last updated: Sep 20, 2023
  • File size: 348MB


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