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Introduction About Lonely Survivor

Mow down thousands of evil creatures and survive until dawn in Lonely Survivor a thrilling and super-fun arcade game with rogue-lite elements, where you play as a mage who can quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters and bosses that get thrown at you. All you can do is hold on for as long as you can until death inevitably puts an end to your struggles, and ascend as the most powerful mage the world ever knew. Don’t forget to keep your wits about you, as ominous eyes are always watching…

Outstanding Features of Lonely Survivor

  • Genre vampire survivors – The battle of increasingly lethal mobs in a fast-paced game is equal parts roguelike, mob shooter, and chaotic in Lonely Survivor.
  • A wide range of weapons – You can unlock and use kinds of weapons to explore procedurally-generated levels in Lonely Survivor: Arm guards, a ring, a pair of shoes, a weapon, a helmet, and other accessories complete the set. Anything goes in your last stand!
  • Challenging bosses – As you improve your skills, you can take on an endless wave of enemies and powerful bosses and test your mettle in Lonely Survivor. Thus, you may need a solid strategy to take down all of the bosses and minions in the game’s numerous stages and levels.
  • Weapons and buffs – Gain new weapons and passive buffs as you level up by gathering experience crystals that mobs drop. For a total of twelve, you can have six of each.


The Gameplay of Lonely Survivor

Against a lone fighter, the most powerful monarchy in the world launches a massive offensive. Thus you have to fight and dispatch hundreds of soldiers when you’re by yourself. To improve your fighting skills, keep gathering the gold and experience points that the enemy drops and increasing your advantages to develop your own winning formula, and upgrade your tools and abilities.

  • Pick up your weapon

For a hero in Lonely Survivor, your weapon is more important than everything, which can enhance the hero’s abilities in a particular field. You can be invincible with the in-game strong and exclusive weapons which are in the red class, while the white item is the weakest in this scenario. Rare weapons can be accessible in big events, the game’s stores, and the most intense boss fights.


  • Hone your skills

Sharpening your skills is just one of the many things you need to study in order to progress in your career.  After you cross a specific threshold, you’ll have access to this luxury. At every level, the three haphazard choices you make can propel you forward. Every time you defeat an opponent, you can acquire invaluable experience, and you have the option of learning a new skill or honing an already-acquired one after leveling up. Your hero can realize his greatest potential piece by piece if you lead him down the right path.

  • Conquer the boss

The Boss in Lonely Survivor turns into a major obstacle as we get closer to pivotal moments in our adventure. Securing a certain area and imposing their will will be the responsibility of each Boss. Endure the ultimate challenge as you fight the ultra boss of the night who has been annihilating mages over and over in intense boss battles. Learn its attack patterns, and weak points, and battle your way through each unique combat phase as the battle gets more difficult and extreme.


Download Lonely Survivor Right Now!

Are you ready for a heroic battle as waves of legions approaching? Do you dare to accept the challenges of dozens of stage maps to conquer and a boss attack mixed in? Welp, time to fight back! Download Lonely Survivor Right now to take on obstacles head-on, and grow increasingly unstoppable!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Lonely Survivor v1.30.0
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: Cobby Labs
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Unlimited Gold, God Mode
  • Size: 465.0MB



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