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Get ready for a devastating mech PvP battle! Take part in intense gameplay with players from around the world and compete in epic multiplayer robot battles.

With dozens of mechs and plenty of weapons to choose from, you’ll build a hangar of powerful battle droids to tackle a variety of scenarios. Whether it’s the chaos of dogfights, the tactical actions of conflicting control points, or the teamwork of 5v5 or 2v2 death matches, ultra-fast matchmaking and fast-paced gameplay can get you straight into PvP combat.

Introduction About Mech Arena

Mech Arena is an action game where you control various robots in 5v5 online battles. Check it out, join your friends, and try to wipe out your powerful robots before they destroy all of your opponents. Best of all, this game has a dynamic attack system that allows you to use two robotic arms of each fighter.

Outstanding Features of Mech Arena

Endless mecha buildings

With more than 25 unique mechs and more than 90 weapons at your disposal, you have battle droids suitable for every situation. Level up your favorite game and create fear in the multiplayer PvP arena by tricking them with over 1000 skins!

Rich PvP game mode

Each game mode requires different tactics and skills, so there’s something for every experienced shooter. Enjoy working alongside your team?

More than 35 unique maps

Experience epic multiplayer battles in graffiti-covered underground arenas, gorgeous stadiums, sandblasted desert cities, and abandoned spaceships in this fighting game! The variety of map layouts keeps everything fresh, and each one rewards specific tactics. Assemble your team and master the map to win!

Cross-platform games

Play on a mobile device, or try Mech Arena on a larger screen and enjoy FPS-like intensity with our zoomed-up TPS view! Your mobile and desktop accounts can be synced, so you can drive your robot anywhere.

Special mechanical capability

Blinding the enemy team with the aim of jammer. Crash into your opponent, leaving a robot-shaped wreck behind. Use jump jets to find the best shooting position. Deploy energy shields, repair fields, nearby mines, etc. Ability is the key to your success.

Elite mecha pilots

Recruit from a diverse cast to provide statistical boosts and other combat rewards for your mech. As they join your battles, level them up, upgrade their fighting game with cybernetic implants, and play out their competition in the arena.

Customize PVP matches

Your game, your rules. Select the map, mode, and player you want in the custom match. Hone in on killer new tactics, try out that new gear you’ve been thinking about, or just run multiplayer games for your friends.

Tournaments and Events

Take part in weekly PvP tournaments, climb the leaderboards, and win big prizes. Take part in an epic-themed event that expands the Mech Arena world. Complete regular goals for generous rewards.

Follow one’s heart

Intuitive FPS-style controls make gameplay smooth and simple – essential for competitive PvP combat. Customize your controls the way you want.

No Wi-Fi?

Mech Arena runs smoothly on most 4G/LTE networks, so you can participate in multiplayer battles anytime, anywhere. Short fights last a few minutes and are perfect for FPS or fighting game fans who want quick, robot-crushing battles.

Gameplay of Mech Arena

Buckle up and prepare for battle

In Mech Arena, you’ll take part in team-based online PvP matches. There are also more than 25 unique maps with a variety of tactical conditions that can support long-range or close-range shootouts.
Mech Arena boasts a fairly wide range of customization options, and it all starts with the robot itself, which is made up of more than a dozen different types.
Then, there are the mech pilots, who also bring various stats and rewards to further enhance the combat. Once you’ve perfected your build, you can test your skills at tournaments and events that take place regularly.

Mech Arena has spectacular visuals as you approach and chase down all enemy robots. Each opponent has a number in front of them showing their distance, and the health of each team is displayed through the status bar at the top of the screen.

Download Mech Arena Now!

Mech Arena is an exciting game that keeps you glued to the screen of your smartphone. See if you can skillfully control your robots, ambush opponents, and fire at all enemies to help your team win the battle.
All in all, Mech Arena is a fun and polished game with surprisingly deep gameplay systems and mechanics. What are you waiting for? Enter Mech Arena today and make a name for yourself.


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