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Introduction About METAL SLUG X

METAL SLUG X is a sequel to the legendary 2D run & gun action-packed shooting series, METAL SLUG. It comes back with a brand new entry in the METAL SLUG universe this time. Experience a fresh take on the classic run-and-gun game by diving into a fast-paced, and tactical battlefield with a roster of iconic classes. Get ready to fill up your adrenaline bar and unlock super weapons!

The Background of METAL SLUG X

Throughout the plot:

  • The four-person Peregrine Falcon force is the subject of the game, who were a few amiable soldiers with specialized training in unusual tasks.
  • Morden will serve as the primary antagonist.
  • Sergeant Allen, a real sub-boss, is another powerful arm of the elderly general that we have at our disposal, he was a devoted battle geek who supported Morden all the way to the top of his global conquest.
  • The boss in the game is General Donald Morden’s rebel, the one with the well-known X-shaped signboard. Stopping the coup attempt is necessary for the Peregrine Falcon forces to take over his world.

Outstanding Features of METAL SLUG X

[ A classic shooter ]

With 2D graphics, Metal Slug X will carry over from its predecessors: a horizontal screen with a well-known, vintage action-shooting gameplay style. Along the way, you must shoot nonstop at foes, and face the boss at the end of each door.

[ A roster of iconic classes ]

With over 60 different troop types available, and 4 playable characters to choose from, Metal Slug X gives you a rich character system that lets you enjoy creating the team of your dreams.

[ Addictive gameplay ]

Where Metal Slug really excels is in the gameplay: Robust controls, agile shooting mechanisms, and an assortment of armaments ensure that the encounter remains novel and captivating, which brings you to another level of fun through the cooperative multiplayer for you and friends to have fun together.

[ Varied maps with unique challenges ]

METAL SLUG X has a variety of maps featuring urban areas, wooded areas, valleys, canyons, and military installations. You can challenge yourselves by taking on more challenging levels and striking a balance while still enjoying plenty of challenging levels.

[ Various modes ]

  • Arcade mode: You can enjoy the original arcade version of METAL SLUG along with charismatic protagonist soldiers, navigate the formidable tank, and battle your way through the game.
  • Mission mode: Play and enjoy your favorite stages whenever you want! Complete various kinds of missions you have unlocked to train by yourself or team up with friends!
  • Multiplayer: With the Online Co-op mode feature connect with your friends and complete missions with a brother-in-arms who lives far away.

[ Retro 2D graphic ]

This game hosts some of the best 2D-pixel art ever created. The colorful surroundings and hand-drawn characters can keep you coming back for more. Every pixel adds to the game’s distinct charm, demonstrating the incredible attention to detail.

The Gameplay of METAL SLUG X

If you enjoy playing action games and have always had inventive strategies that you would like to put to use, this game is the perfect place to let your inner beast out! In METAL SLUG X, you will assume control of a soldier confronting numerous armed adversaries, providing an intimate gameplay experience. Your mission is to defeat all foes who stand in your way with numerous items to upgrade your tanks and weapons during the battle.

  • Pick up your weapon and face it

Your win or loss depends on how well you use the units of weapons, comprehend them, and strategically combine each player’s strength to create overall strength. For instance, the tank will destroy every enemy soldier on the road and detonate when it reaches the enemy base, while the attacker will run ahead and bomb the enemy. The character and more advanced weapons can be purchased by unlocking it in the store or unlocked after every level.

Download METAL SLUG X Right Now!

Hey, oldiers! Assemble! Metal Slug, air raids, super tanks, you name it, you get it! It won’t be easy to end the war with numerous obstacles lying ahead – Get ready to die repeatedly, but never give up! Download METAL SLUG X to prove yourself over and over!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: METAL SLUG X v1.4
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: SNK CORPORATION
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android
  • MOD: Full Game
  • Size: 64.3MB



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