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Introduction About My Perfect Hotel

Have you ever dreamed of designing or managing your own hotel, a rundown motel, or an elegant resort?

Now you’re welcome to the most thrilling simulation and management game – My Perfect Hotel where you’ll strive to realize your dreams operate an amazing five-star hotel, and enjoy hours of nonstop entertainment while taking part in a unique adventure! With a plethora of customization tools at your disposal, an array of facilities to construct, and a diverse range of patrons to dazzle, My Perfect Hotel will let your inner hotel manager shine!

Outstanding Features of My Perfect Hotel

Take pleasure in the most captivating and captivating casual simulation experience, featuring intriguing mechanics and captivating in-game elements. Enjoy yourself while exploring the many facets and wide-ranging elements of the hotel simulation’s amazing businesses, and play My Perfect Hotel how you want to and use your own tastes to explore its features.

✦ Lots of choices 

There’s always a hotel waiting for your Midas touch in My Perfect Hotel, whether it’s a tranquil forest hideaway, a serene coastal resort, or a mountainous getaway. Each of them is different, providing a different atmosphere and challenge.

✦ Helping hands

Without employees, a hotel would be like a fish without water. My Perfect Hotel offers you a staggering number of helping hands for every new feature, so keep the HR department busy!

✦ Deep customization

You will play an artist in “My Perfect Hotel,” not just a hotel manager. With a variety of room designs to choose from, each hotel provides a blank canvas for you to paint your vision. Your hotel is whatever you make of it.


The Gameplay of My Perfect Hotel

Imagine beginning your career as a menial bellhop and balancing duties like greeting customers, cleaning rooms, and yes, making sure the restrooms are stocked. But when the money comes in, you’ll have to expand your empire, hire more staff, and upgrade your rooms… The gameplay is all about a tale of poverty to prosperity, albeit one with more bed linens and fewer rags!

  • Start from scratch

You will start by assuming the persona of a cordial bellhop, sweeping the hotel, showing visitors to their rooms, and using your earnings to invest in new upgrades. Start from zero and create the world’s largest hotel empire because of your passion. When you feel like you can’t handle it alone, hire some helping hands and acquire a wide range of management, investing, and design skills. Have an incredible experience!

  • Decorate your hotel

You can design the hotel of your dreams, starting with just an empty lot and your imagination. Choose from a variety of spaces and amenities that will increase your floor area and revenue, or construct conference rooms for workaholics, day spas for vacationers, and eateries for food enthusiasts. There are many different types of rooms available for you to tend to your liking.


  • Hire helping hands

Hiring employees will help your hotel stay operational, but you should make sure you select the right candidates for the different roles, as they will differ in terms of required skill sets and compensation. Your every step of My Perfect Hotel will be impacted by your choices, so be ready to handle the fallout!

  • Time is money

When it comes to hotels, time is money. Additionally, you won’t succeed if you plod along like a marathon-running tortoise in My Perfect Hotel. Ensure that your staff and you move at a faster pace to provide excellent service to guests in a timely manner. Take charge of your hotel’s internal operations within a reasonable time by overseeing the hiring of staff, the dining areas, and many other departments.

Download My Perfect Hotel Right Now!

Planning your next expansion, competing with the clock, or just enjoying the rush of design – All in My Perfect Hotel! Download it now to explore the world of hotel tycoons to see if you possess the skills necessary to create the most successful lodging empire! Get your hotel in shape, slap on your best smile, and get ready for anything that may arise.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: My Perfect Hotel v1.8.0
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: SayGames Ltd
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Unlimited Money
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