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My Talking Tom is very similar to the popular POU, where you can breed a Tom cat and provide it with all the care that a good cat like him needs.

You must give it its favorite food; Play lots of different games with it; Send it to bed on time, let it get enough rest, etc. This is the only way Tom can grow from a kitten to an adult cat.

In addition to all of your duties as a cat parent, My Talking Tom offers you the opportunity to customize your cat. In all, there are over a thousand different combinations that you can use to give your adorable kitten a unique look.

With My Talking Tom, you can say any phrase and Tom will repeat it with his unique tone.

Introduction About My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is a game in which players take care of a cat named Tom. You’ll spend time focusing on its physical and emotional statistics. From there, you’ll try to keep those statistics stable by completing relevant tasks and unlocking new items. In addition, exciting activities come with unique and valuable rewards that you can’t ignore.

Outstanding Features of My Talking Tom

You can get a nice gift for participating in the event

In the new version of My Talking Tom, you can participate in ongoing activities in addition to the stimulating gameplay of caring for Tom cats. Through this activity, you will have the opportunity to unlock various items such as clothes, furniture, and more. Of course, these are elements that Tom uses and takes care of. So, for devoted fans of this game, don’t miss the chance to play with your cat friends and get an exciting reward early.

Adopt and take care of Tom Cat

When the player launches My Talking Tom, they see a cardboard box move to the front. A cat appeared inside. Its name was Tom. It’s your responsibility to take care of it from there and take care of the statistics it has. So it’s similar to a pet, but with some characteristics that are similar to humans. Indeed, when you interact with it, there are a lot of interesting points. You will experience the first tutorial screen to understand the mechanics of the game.

Over time, there will be metrics for Tom’s needs. Below Tom are circles similar to the other need scales. When it reaches its maximum, its primary color is green, and when it turns red, it is also a signal that you need to do something to increase this coefficient. Of course, solving the problem is completely simple and any player can do it.

If Tom is bored, then you can interact with him and touch him appropriately. Eventually, Tom will sleep like a baby. You’ll gain experience doing these things and unlock new costumes and items for Tom.

Buy lots of things at the store and play mini-games

In My Talking Tom, it’s important to note that you can buy food and clothing for Tom cats. The amount of food you get at the beginning of the game is rather limited, not enough for you to feed Tom every day. So you can use your money to buy food in the store, and new items will be unlocked. In addition, there will be many other interesting items in the store, such as a wardrobe that can change Tom’s appearance.

The gameplay of My Talking Tom

1. How can I make Tom happy?

Feed him regularly, play with him, and put him to bed.

2. Can I customize Tom’s appearance?

Yes. You can change the color of his fur, the shape of his eyes and his clothes.

3. Can children play?

Yes, My Talking Tom is suitable for all ages, but the game contains advertisements and in-app purchases, so parents should pay close attention.

4. How to download My Talking Tom on an Android device?

You can download My Talking Tom directly from APKPure to your Android mobile device.

Download My Talking Tom Now!

Take care of your virtual pet and try your best to meet all his needs. You will be very happy and have a sense of accomplishment! Come and download it!


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