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Massive 32vs32 multiplayer battle set in World War II

Polyfield is a stylized multiplayer first-person shooter based on World War II that can battle robots offline.

Build your own scenes and maps or download amazing community-building maps!

Introduction About Polyfield

Polyfield is a game that gives players a dramatic and engaging combat experience. If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, Polyfield is the game for you.

Outstanding Features of Polyfield

  1. The game is developed in a way that players are very familiar with combat action, but it also contains some obvious new features.
  2. The story takes place during World War II, during a period of violent conflict. That’s the game.
  3. Because the game’s controls are based on traditional key combinations, it’s easy to get used to and quickly master the controls.
  4. The gameplay is structured according to the first-person shooter genre in order to provide an incredibly realistic experience for players as they fight through a conflict.

Last updated on Mar 5, 2023

– New weapon (MG42)

– More bullet damage

– Weather & time presets

– Editor changes & improvements

– Objective flags

– Option for map destruction

– Separate opacity for HUD and Controls

– Bug fix & optimization

Gameplay of Polyfield

War Game Background

In order to start a game, the opening scene always brings a special emotion to the player. In order to leave a special impression and emotion on the player, the opening part of the game needs to be carefully prepared.

War can certainly be a traumatic event that no one expects to happen in everyday life. But there was also a war, so many soldiers began to perform their duties to protect the ultimate goal.

A dramatic first-person shooter

In order to give players the best experience, gameplay is always a feature that manufacturers need to focus on. In all the different games, gameplay is considered to be the soul that communicates the manufacturer’s message to the player. After a lot of research, game developers have also opted for the familiar action game style for their products.

With familiar action gameplay, gamemakers can quickly develop gameplay for the system they want. Especially for the most dramatic shooters, the action style is considered the right choice. This has also allowed Polyfield to develop extremely realistic and dramatic first-person shooter game systems.

Challenge and easy games

Familiar gameplay will always be accompanied by difficult challenges, and the game will provide motivation that will motivate the player. In combat, players are divided into a squad and battle against the opponent’s squad. In order to win, you need to use your skills and techniques to destroy your opponent as quickly as possible.

In addition to the game mode setting, the game system is equipped with the best control system for the warriors. In order not to bring difficulty to the player, the control system of the game will be designed in an extremely classic style. You will be able to control your character to move exceptionally smoothly through the knob in the left corner and the other function keys in the right corner.

Beautiful images of war

The last feature has always played an important role that directly affects the player’s experience: graphics. A game with good graphics can give players the best inspiration for the game. Understand the psychology and needs of players, game makers also create excellent graphics systems for you.

All the environment on the battlefield has been carefully and realistically handled by the creative designers, which brings pleasure to people. Characters and weapons in Polyfield are designed in a very unique and novel style.

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Polyfield is a World War II-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Mohammad Alizade. It features stylized graphics and can be played offline with robots. Polyfield is free to download and play on Android devices.

Players can build their own scenes and maps, or download community-built maps to play with.

Overall, Polyfield offers an enjoyable multiplayer experience with its uniquely stylized graphics and an offline mode aimed at robots. 


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