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Kill zombies to survive. Experience one of the epic zombie Apocalypse games with thousands of other players. Fight for survival and live! Stay Alive !

Introduction About Stay Alive

Top-down zombie shooter game with realistic 3D graphics!

You are one of those survivors. By moving forward, you will face zombies, but at the same time have the opportunity to collect a lot of things and resources to build your own weapons and improve your power. The most important thing is to find an escape plan, to find clues to a land free of zombies. Stay Alive !

Build a defense base

During the day you can explore the world, at night you still have to return to shelter so be safe. To have shelter, the first thing to do in this world is to use resources and tools to build a house and a defense base around it.

Use the money to hire more guards

Exploring everywhere will also bring you plenty of money. Use the money to hire more mercenaries to protect you. These brave soldiers will attack any object that tries to cross the fence into the base area.

And because it’s a MOBA game, when you’re powerful enough to have more resources and collect more mercenaries, you can take your people out into the wild to attack and capture other players’ bases. If successful, everything in it, from people to property, will belong to you, again improving your ability to survive in a cruel world. Stay Alive !

Outstanding Features of Stay Alive

The story of a world epidemic

Come to Stay Active and you will enter a new world of significant change. Quiet life, suddenly one day, the virus came, and quickly spread to the community. The rate of growth and destruction of the human body will be significantly reduced and weakened. 

Keep fighting and finding solutions to fight the evidence

The world is in challenging and dangerous times. You are determined to stand up, find a solution, fight the epidemic, defeat the epidemic, and let everyone return to normal life… To survive, you must first create your own space, isolate yourself from the community and avoid infection. Everyone makes this habit, and having good judgment will undoubtedly reduce the number of people who get infected with the virus. Stay Alive !

Coming to Stay Alive, users will be able to go to places they’ve never been before and discover interesting and exciting stories. Thanks to this, you are able to understand the world around you more clearly. Each new land will be associated with its history and culture. 

Upgrade your hero

Stay Alive is a game that lets you show yourself as a brave and determined person. You should upgrade them and equip them with new armor sets, and provide them with plenty of weapons to help them become true heroes, fighting and destroying the enemy’s terrifying zombies. 

Provide good plans and strategies

To fight the epidemic and win it early requires a brave, enterprising person who knows how to make careful plans and research to find new viruses. The drug has the effect of defeating the virus and protecting the life safety of the whole society. Stay Alive !

Gameplay of Stay Alive

Upgrade your hero by crafting and fighting

There are two ways to upgrade the protagonist in Stay Alive. The first is through manufacturing. As you travel through different parts of the world, you will collect many small and valuable items: wheels, hammers, axes, guns, ammunition, food, drinks… With food, you will bring it back and store it in your base. The remaining items, you can arrange freely so that you can use them to make powerful weapons, fighting tools, and equipment.

The second type of escalation is direct combat. When facing different types of zombies, your experience will increase. An increase in experience means a corresponding increase in your strength, stamina, defense, and attack stats. As your stats increase, you’ll be able to fight stronger and longer. Stay Alive !

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There are many events, matches, and raids taking place continuously in Stay Alive’s online arena. Are you ready for this fierce battle with zombies and survivors?


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