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Introduction About Township

There’s never a dull moment in the world of Township – an ultimate town-building simulation here you can craft your dream town by gathering crops, processing them in your facilities, and using the proceeds from sales to fund the growth. With the in-game deep simulation system, you can immerse yourself in opening eateries, movie theaters, and other community facilities to infuse your town’s life with unique characters.

Outstanding Features of Township

※ Buildings

There are 36 types and over 170 houses in total in Township. Some large homes, bank branches, businesses, stores, movie theaters, supermarkets, and other establishments would be beneficial for your town’s development.

※ Crops

The majority of the goods that your town can produce to earn money are made with raw materials for your crops. On farms, for instance, produce such as corn, wheat, and carrots is grown.

※ Townspeople

The people of your town are genuinely genuine, possessing the traits of a kind, gentle, and farming community. You can interact with them because they will share and regale you with positive tales from their experiences.

※ Ancient artifacts

There are also tons of ancient artifacts to find and gather in the mine in your town – Your adventure promises a surprise around every corner in this game!

※ Animals

Adorable animals can be available for you to care for and raise. Feeding and regular watering are the best ways to support their rapid growth and develop your livestock farms

※ Money

The majority of your Township infrastructure won’t be free. Thus, you need to pay for all the new structures to build with your labor to turn your town into an expansive metropolis in gold. Luckily, you can get cash in limited quantities by finishing certain tasks.

※ Friends

In Township, you can build this town together by interacting with your close friends or your Facebook friends list. You can venture through the in-game world full of mystery with friends and develop your town together.

The Gameplay of Township

Township is a hyper-casual game with versatile gameplay. Select your paint colors, fixtures, and landscaping to achieve the best possible curb appeal and get tremendous financial returns. How about a cafe shop in the street? Some new flower boxes from the garden center? Or greetings from the neighborhood! All of this is waiting for you in Township.

✧ Management

You can almost do whatever you want in this game – engage with the people of your favorite town whenever you choose and do anything you want with it. Begin by creating your small town from the ground up. Buildings and businesses can be constructed as the game progresses.

✧ Manufacturing

Similar to how raw materials are produced, creating goods only requires a few quick clicks, and you’ll need to give it a little more thought as to what to produce, at least initially, than you would with farming and harvesting crops. This is because you need materials to make products, and if you’re just getting started, you won’t have as many of these raw materials available.

✧ Productivity

In Township, there aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to advancement and development. The most dedicated players will advance the fastest, even though the goal of Township is to offer a soothing experience that doesn’t require much skill or dedication. To advance faster, you should always keep your buildings producing raw materials and constantly monitor the requests of your villagers. Let’s not forget that tasks are refreshed frequently, so you will rarely run out of things to do.

Download Township Right Now!

It’s time to get busy again building, buying, and selling in Township with new towns to discover, new mayors to get to know, and tons of cash to earn! Download Township now to expand your borders, increase people’s happiness, unlock even better technology, and more!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Township v15.0.3
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Playrix
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • MOD: Unlimited Cash
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