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Come to enjoy the open 3D world in your way in the game Vegas Crime Simulator to transform yourself to be either a Criminal or a Hero there!

Introduction about Vegas Crime Simulator

Vegas Crime Simulator is an action role-playing simulation game released and developed by Naxeex Action & RPG Games, with fun mechanics that can relieve stress and satisfy all interests of action, driving a variety of vehicles, and shooting. In this game set in a gangster world of many contrasts between good and evil, you can have an experience of either being a Super Hero or a Super Criminal based on your choice, to execute various action-packed missions and hundreds of battles against dangerous enemies. Combining many attracting elements including the interesting interface and a large 3D world, this game will surely make you excited and satisfied.

— extensive context with many meaningful 3D locations

In the open world of this game, you are allowed to go anywhere and choose any fun missions to complete. There are many different locations as important milestones of Vegas Crime Simulator such as airports, with different types of aircraft waiting to be deployed, military bases with tanks that you can test drive, and many streets with a variety of modern transportation. Besides, there are even robots and spacecraft at some locations. You can have an opportunity to experience different kinds of missions as well as vehicle driving in this game.

— background

Vegas Crime Simulator depicts a dangerous modern gangster world where the Law no longer exists, and the police are all like puppets, making the big cities ruled by cruel and proud criminal organizations now. Everyone there lives only for themselves, without caring about anything around. Crimes and destruction are rife everywhere, making everything go its way.

At the beginning of this game, you are offered the chance to choose either to be  a Hero or a Criminal with quite different super abilities. Both paths open up a poetic third-person game in their own way.

If you choose as a Hero, you will progress and improve yourself step by step to change your life, and gradually become the savior of this city by pass many difficult missions, in which way you can gain more power and respect and will become more famous in the city. Since the big city is ruled by lots of criminal gangs that makes it completely free, you are also the one that is doing justice but without being bound by the laws. You can even steal vehicles freely, and use all powers and skills to fight against countless dangerous criminals in this city with no limit.

If you choose as a Criminal, just feel free to play, roam, enjoy, and even perform a variety of robbery and harassment missions to assert your terrible crime level gradually from small to large. With the main task of the defense police force in this city, you will become more and more famous in the whole criminal circle. In this way, you can rob any vehicle on the road if you like, scurrying and doing a series of crazy things on every street to complete all the assault and robbery missions.

— customize and upgrade your character freely

Whether you transform into a Hero or a Criminal, you can get a lot of money each time you complete a task. And you can use them to buy equipment or clothes to customize and upgrade your character to make it unique and attractive as well as more bloody with new defense and combat features to support the process of finishing tasks later.


In conclusion, Vegas Crime Simulator makes you create and experience a Hero or Criminal character full of many abilities with a bunch of skins, skills and bulky vehicles sometimes fantasy and exaggerated. Are you ready to survive freely in this world filled with criminals? If so, download Vegas Crime Simulator and enjoy the exciting world there in your own way!


  • Name of Game: Vegas Crime Simulator   
  • Category: Action   
  • File size: 109MB
  • Last updated on: Oct 20 2023
  • The Newest Version: v6.3.8 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer:Naxeex Action & RPG Games
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Unlimited Money)
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play


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