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Come and become a mighty leader of a great land to lead an epic civilization in this Viking Age MMO World in the game Vikings: War of Clans!

Introduction about Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans is an MMO strategy game released and developed by Plarium LLC. You may have played some MMO games with a modern or medieval, feudal or mystical settings. But this game can bring you a new experience in a world of particularly brutal Viking era. Here are some details about Vikings: War of Clans.

— gameplay

Vikings: War of Clans, as an MMO game, fully combines the elements of a building game and offers extensive interaction for the open-world multiplayer. In this game, your mission is to become the leader of a vast land and establish the era of great wars to lead a new civilization.

— use your own hands to build the mighty Nordic Kingdom

Like any other typical MMO game, you will begin with a modest land and a small group of people. During the process of building, defending, and battling other groups of players, you will gradually level up, attracting more followers and starting to gain lots of equipment and heroes to make everything under your command.

After getting used to the hard initial phase, you can step by step master the sophisticated war strategy and try to outwit your enemies and put your enemies in the middle of the head-to-head PVP battle. You can also choose to join an existing alliance in the land and work together to fight against stronger enemies more safely. And when you accumulate enough power and people, and reach a certain level, you can create your own faction to invite other leadership groups, which can bring more advantages on the battlefield.

Whatever the way you use, you have to train seriously for your troops to get ready for any battle. And at the same time, you need to built more different functional works constantly on your land and expand both the territory and prestige in all directions continuously on the map as your main goal is to become the new lord of this vast land of the Viking era.

— create a mighty army

In every MMO including Vikings: War of Clans, the core of them is always construction, which process requires lots of resources and manpower. Therefore, you need to focus on gathering a number of resources for yourself in the early stages, instead of being so aggressive. Prepare for resources like materials, minerals, and tools to create a small but rich land to attract quite a lot of inhabitants. Then you can naturally gain human and physical strength in your hands.

In this way, you will gradually gather and build various constructions, resilient turrets and many powerful buildings to bring more survival comforts to your team and more room fences to defend this land. Build as many constructions on a reasonable basis as you can to create a solid rear and make your group able to move forward confidently in the future.

— the spectacular PVE and PVP battlegrounds

As you build a resilient army and a solid defense behind you in your homeland with various tactical training activities, you can step into the heroic battle in PVE mode. Moreover, after accumulating enough experience, you can also continue your adventure and exploration in epic PVP battles beyond the borders of this land.


In a word, Vikings: War of Clans has lots of fun as well as many difficult challenges, which can create unforgettable moments and very impressive MMO experiences for you. Download Vikings: War of Clans and enjoy the Nordic world filled with a series of continuous territorial wars and powerful Viking clans right now!


  • Name of Game: Vikings: War of Clans   
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  • Last updated on: Oct 23, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v6.0.4.1964 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: Plarium LLC
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  • Requires Android: Android 5.1
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