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War Robots v9.7.0 MOD APK(Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy)

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Introduction About War Robots

War Robots is an action-packed and pocket-sized shooter where you can fight alongside futuristic against other rival robots. We’re talking about fierce clan battles, hundreds of weapon combinations, and dozens of combat robots! Get ready to smash, slice, or dismember your rivals or hold beacons strewn throughout the map, make the cut, battle your way to the top, and bring your clan to victory! This is your chance to show everyone that you are the greatest mech commander in robot battles!

Outstanding Features of War Robots

  • 50+ robots – Choose from more than 50 robots and armaments to build a machine that suits your playing style. Perfect your play style with in-game customizable load-outs to pick your favorite outfits and explosives.
  • Various advanced weapons – Experience the freedom to do anything you want in this 3D mech robot shooter game, equipped with enormous weapons like ballistic missiles, plasma cannons, and enormous shotguns.
  • Multiplayer chaos – Create or join a clan to battle alongside devoted allies and conquer the globe! The 6v6 free-for-all matches of War Robots allow players to control enormous robots or mechas. You can battle against other players all over the world in epic showdowns or participate in War Robots to rise to more challenging wars.
  • Stunning 3D visuals – You can experience War Robot’s console-quality gameplay on their mobile devices due to its amazing 3D graphics, and you can always experiment with the customizable graphics setting if you want to unlock better graphics.
  • Stay tuned – The developer team puts in a lot of effort every day to support and develop the game, making continuous improvements and feature additions, and thus there is always something new for you.

The Gameplay of War Robots

On the battlefield of War Robots, you are free to move wherever you please, and you should be aware that you are up against extremely dangerous and strong players who could attack you at any time. Your primary goal is to eliminate your opponent by using the robot’s firepower; if either of you loses, the match will terminate.

🕹 Basic control

When you first start War Robots, you will receive a lot of support to help you become proficient with the various buttons on the screen. A button on the left will allow you to control the direction in which your robot moves, and a crucial button on the right will allow you to shoot other robots.

🤖 Choose your robot

Marvel is the collection of more than 50 formidable fighting robots with terrifying power – You’ll be taken aback because it will appear as though you’ve recently found yourself in a future society where a wide variety of contemporary robots have been created. Every kind of robot in War Robots will have a distinct level, so there will be strong and weak varieties that you won’t want to purchase.

👾Vanquish your opponents

It’s time for you to engage in a real battle in a large virtual area with lots of hazardous terrain once you have all the skills you need. You should be aware that you are up against extremely dangerous and strong opponents who could attack you at any time. Your battle robot’s combat strength, speed, and durability will all increase if you destroy enemy robots, capture every beacon, and upgrade your weapons. Just feel free to demonstrate your abilities on each map and employ various approaches and techniques to win battles.

Download War Robots Right Now!

The war is raging! Sirens repeat! Are you prepared for surprise attacks, complex strategic moves, and all the cunning tricks your opponents have in store for you? Time to join the millions of players already playing and engage in global combat with other Pilots. Download War Robots now to step into any of the war machines and start your war!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: War Robots v9.7.0
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: PIXONIC
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 6.0
  • MOD: Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy
  • Size: 128.2MB



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