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There is a game that full of fun and excitement as well as strategy. In this game you can make full use of your logic ability and strategic talent in order to come up with pieces that are suitable for a battlefield to check your wisdom in the battle situation. This game is called Warlings 2: Total Armageddon.

Introduction about Warlings 2: Total Armageddon

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon is a turn-based strategy game published and developed by Alawar Premium in the company 17th Pixel Poland. Set and inspired in and by the period of World War II from 19390-1945, this game makes you take control of your own army as an outstanding general and defeat the enemy in battle. The highlight of this game is its rich gameplay and attracting tactics, allowing you to use weapons with various properties to defeat opponents on the other side of the battlefield. Here are some details about Warlings 2: Total Armageddon.

— Diverse gameplay

Before your battle, you will choose 1 of 4 maps, with each map up to 20 different levels and emphasized tactics. And you will make the action for the characters in your army in each turn, such as moving, attacking, and placing defensive structures. In addition, you can choose a weapon from your arsenal that you think is useful in a particular situation as well as strengthen your soldiers by using available items.

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon has more than 30 different types of powerful weapons and items including missiles, nuclear bombs, bows and arrows, machine guns, mortars and so on. Each weapon has its own special properties and effects and you need to choose them properly according to the situation and upgrade them as much as possible in order to win.

You will fight against a larger number of enemies than your side and are regarded to win the battle every time you manage to destroy all the enemies and keep at least one of your soldiers alive. You may encounter much more challenges in this game, and you need to overcome them step by step by using your leadership skills.

— Various terrain

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon offers you many kinds of battlefield to fight with diverse terrains including arid deserts, water bodies, thorny jungles, and densely populated areas. It’s one of the necessary factors to take advantages of he terrain and environment around effectively for defeating the opponent. In particular, battles at sea may be the most difficult among the terrains because your soldiers will be immediately removed from the battle if they fall into the sea. It means that your little negligence or a redundant move may cause you to lose your soldier.

As a result, you have to occupy important positions as quickly as possible regardless of the environment, which can help you execute your strategy smoothly. Choose a location that can be hardly observed and attacked by opponents, or where you can use your weapon more easily to attack your opponents.

— PVP multiplayer mode

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon also has an online game mode to make you compete with other players online in the world. This makes a quite tense atmosphere and requires you to concentrate and think immediately to make correct reactions and smart moves in each turn. It’s a good time to show and check your excellent skills and wise strategy since there are many masters around the world who won’t let you win so easily as you’re fighting against AI. Try your best to win your battle and gain in-game rewards as well as climb higher rankings.


In conclusion, Warlings 2: Total Armageddon is fun enough to become a great choice for you if you are a strategy game lover. Download this game to have the exciting battles and win your victory in this game!


  • Name of Game: Warlings 2: Total Armageddon   
  • Category: Strategy
  • File size: 83MB
  • Last updated on: Sep 28, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v3.3.0 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: 17th Pixel Poland
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Unlimited Money)
  • Requires Android: Android 5.1
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play


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