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Come and become a legendary hero as a cowboy in Wild West and unleash your freedom and ability to create your own town and enjoy your fight with enemies in West Legends: Guns & Horses!

Introduction about West Legends: Guns & Horses

West Legends: Guns & Horses is a role-playing action games combined with simulation elements released and developed by Bozzy Games. This game tells a story that revolves around the old Western background setting. Here are some details about this game West Legends: Guns & Horses.

  • Background — familiar scene of Wild West

There used to be a land full of outlaws and ferocious beasts awaiting, with both chaos and freedom everywhere. You can see the smog, the solitude, the desolate desert, the heat, the taverns, and the streets, pubs that are notorious for armed robbers in this land, which is called the Wild West. You may have already seen such familiar scene in some famous movies that tell about the wild America during this period. But it’s hardly to be seen in the games on mobile since it’s not easy to put it into a game as well as turning it into a heroic story as the birthplace of a real hero because of much chaos there in this period. However, West Legends: Guns & Horses, aiming to recreate the typical Wild West scene and satisfy more players with many messy events in the Western setting, has boldly entered the theme in the past wild American West. All the stories in this game can gives you the freedom to build your own ideal town as you have dreamed by fighting, building, growing and finally, becoming the legendary hero of this land.

  • Gameplay — fighting, exploring, and building

–your role as a Major of the land

In West Legends: Guns & Horses, you will act as a Mayor of this land, who surely has strong powers and abilities in his hands. You will develop your own town, improve technology, and build an army to fight against bandits and dangerous killers appearing outside the wild town. Along with your courage against all enemies, you can master every type of weapon in your hand and win the gun fight. Besides fighting and building, you can also go fishing in the river or take a walk around the town to enjoy the surrounding wildlife and experience the unspoiled beauty. Many other mysterious and strange encounters may happen anywhere at any time to lead you to a thrilling relationship later.

–your mission to be a hero of the Wild West

Most importantly, you need to remember that your final mission is to uncover the gang’s secrets, and become the legend of the vast Wild West. To realize this, you have to incarnate a talented mayor by building a rich town and cleaning up the outlaw gangs and some illegal activities there. As an excellent fighter, you are allowed to fight with guns on horseback, or create clans or alliances with other players in order to increase the strength of your party.

In addition, tou can choose your preferred battle team before every start of a battle, which includes over 10 heroes that can be recruited with each hero his own powers, abilities and weapons. You need to take advantage of every character and offer them an edge in the battle with your proper and wise strategies. Besides, you can strengthen your team by upgrading stats and unlocking new powerful skills with the use of rewards. Both gold coins and experience points can be collected after your complete each level in West Legends: Guns & Horses.


To sum up, as a Western simulation RPG game, West Legends: Guns & Horses will remind you of the illustrious name you have heard on both console and PC platforms called Red Dead Redemption. Download it now to create your first experience on the fascinating cowboy theme before moving on to more other hardcore games such as Red Dead Redemption!


  • Name of Game: West Legends: Guns & Horses   
  • Category: Action
  • File size: 799MB
  • Last updated on: Jan 5, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v1. (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: Bozzy Games
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Not available)
  • Requires Android: Android 6.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play


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