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Have you ever been informed of the real hardships of life in the land of in the Wild West even through you have talked about this topic of fierce gun battles and liberal expeditions in this land with many people around? Whether so or not, you can know and check their words about the risky reality of this new land called the Wild West in the game named Westland Survival!

Introduction about Westland Survival

Westland Survival is a wild survival action game set in the Wild West. Unlike other cowboy-themed games that exploit the shooter and cowboy elements, this game recreates the normal life of the first people that set foot in the Wild West. Here are some details about Westland Survival.

  • Background story–survival in the Wild West

Since the first people have came to advancing deep into the Wild West bravely, with the hard goal of reclamation in such a wild and arid land assigned by the government, they are all regarded as heroes because of their courage of making this choice without knowing what will happen and what fierce animal and bad weather conditions they are going to face. Everything remains dark, like the night in the middle of the fog. And Westland Survival can make you understand such dangerous journey of those first people better with the most detailed answer.

At an initial time, face harsh weather and poor living conditions are their first challenges, with dangerous wildlife or disease hazards possible to come anywhere at any time. Everything has been recorded according to the real history, which makes the feeling of survival much stronger and more authentic. You will play a role to manually craft many item to build their first shelter, and utilize a series of cowboy skills in order to protect yourself and the shelter against any dangerous enemy such as small tribes or aggressive Indians. Then, you can visit and explore many places in the Wild West to learn some new skills and knowledge. Step by step, you will gradually become a legendary first-generation cowboy during your journey.

  • Gameplay–build, craft and challenge

The place is smoky, desolate and rarely shaded by trees and grass on the first day you step foot in along with the arid weather. But you believe that you can build a decent shelter and live better there after keeping engaged in the reclamation. You can craft a rudimentary ax by using some of the junk resources around, and cut down trees, wood and make some cool and solid crafting. Try to use all your crafting skills and talents to create necessary items. Then a small house will take shape little by little.

To further ensure a safe life, you also need to expand living space as well as building a large farm to make more area for cultivation and husbandry by collecting many rare materials and resources. Once you own a farm, try your best to protect it with a complete system of fences and fortresses immediately. In this way, you will finally turn this place into a safe, ideal and peaceful home to live.


All in all, Westland Survival, with the background setting in the Far West and real historical colonization, has opened up a lively and exciting survival adventure which both requires the abilities to manage resources and the player’s excellent shooting skills. If you are brave enough to be a cowboy legend and get ready to create your epic story in the Wild West, download this game and realize your ideal dream in Westland Survival!


  • Name of Game: Westland Survival   
  • Category: Action
  • File size: 439MB
  • Last updated on: Oct 18, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v6.3.0 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: Helio Games
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Not available)
  • Requires Android: Android 6.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play


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