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There is a very gentle, lovely and moving story that a game wants to share with you, with very relaxing gameplay and unique graphics in the style of cotton canvas. You can surely be attracted to such an interesting game and touching story with the name of Where’s Samantha.

Introduction about Where’s Samantha?

Where’s Samantha is an adventure and obstacle course game about two spools of wool trying to reunite, published and developed by ROKiT. The pace in this game is slow and the whole environment is very comfortable and peaceful. Also along with quite easy gameplay of only 45 puzzle levels, you can enjoy this gentle and amusing world in Where’s Samantha.

  • Background

The story of Where’s Samantha takes place in the world of hand-woven textiles and all the fun handmade objects. You will play as a ball of wool called George, who’s wife Samantha has gone missing. You are on your way to search for your wife and reunite the family, where you will encounter various puzzles and obstacles continuously and use all your talents and skills to overcome them.

  • Gameplay

The gameplay is not difficult at all, for you can just move your character with a touch, button, and navigation. The only problem you need to deal with is how to separate the body to cross the terrain.

Since Where’s Samantha is an obstacle course puzzle game, your main goal is to help George to find his wife by going through 45 different pre-designed levels filled with lots of obstacles and difficult terrain. You, as a wool roll, can split yourself into different small spools of yarn and control them alternately. Every time you control one of the little spool of yarn, the others will snooze and wait for you to touch them and continue their move. And you can also choose whether to split or merge your parts to restore their original appearance freely to make you and the smaller clones solve the puzzle and proceed till the end of the level.

— overcome the obstacles in the world of plush fabric

Everything in Where’s Samantha are soft and cute handmade objects and even the obstacles that get in the way are full of lovely things such as buttons, cloth jumping platforms, combs, rolls of wool or a piece of torn fabric indented to form a wormhole. They are arranged in the game scenes randomly, making the challenge more diverse and these terrain requires players the ability of merging and separating to cross.

— enjoy the quite slow game speed

Thanks to the slow movement of the wool reel, the general game speed of Where’s Samantha is also very sluggish, therefore you can enjoy this game for relax without fast pace. Besides, on the journey of searching George’s wife, your character will also collect cotton letters that can bring bonus points, which, though, neither contribute anything to the character’s ability to overcome obstacles, nor lead to some important clue to rescue his wife.

— experience the unique ability to clone

The ability of cloning is also pretty attractive and helpful, which is hardly seen in other mobile game. These little wool friends separated are various in shape, color and size, with their own unique abilities and personality that can support your character in many situations. After learn and understand these points, you can feel much more excited and make it easier to overcome obstacles better and add a little spice to the game.


Since the game is easy to play and has short, slow-paced, strange gameplay as well as unique visuals that can leave you very deep impression, Where’s Samantha is really a nice and ideal game you should try on your mobile. Come and download it now to overcome puzzles and obstacles to help George look for his lost love Samantha!


  • Name of Game:Where’s Samantha?  
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: ROKiT
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Not available)
  • Requires Android: Android 7.1
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Google Play
  • The Newest Version: v1.10.21 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Last updated on: Oct 16, 2023
  • File size: 218MB


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