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Come and help the main character, Hyun Woo, find out his lost memories and participate in a bunch of exciting battles with heavy fists in the game Wild Fighter Idle!

Introduction about Wild Fighter Idle 

Wild Fighter Idle is a combat role-playing game combined battles with fists, released and developed by mobirix. In this game, you will turn yourself into a hero who lost his memories, and will throw his fists at the enemy around to find the hidden truth. Here are some details about Wild Fighter Idle.

  • Background

In Wild Fighter Idle, you will play the main character named Hyun Woo, a handsome muscular guy with red hair and the scars of the past on his face. His eyes are full of fire and body with a modern fashion, which leaves a deep impression on many players.

When you wake up somewhere strange in this game, you soon realize that all your memories have gone and you no longer know who you are and what happens before. Then you have to dig through this place step by step in order to find out your lost past. But it seems that there are many forces standing that are hostile to you before anywhere on your way of finding truth. Maybe they never want you to remember your past, so they interfered with you constantly, make various excuses and force you to fight with them. For Hyun Woo, your character, throwing your fists to fight may be the only way to find the answers in your past.

  • Gameplay

— Melee combat with feature support

Wild Fighter Idle, as a combat RPG, doesn’t require players to actively take the initiative to finish every detail. You can hit automatically when you approach an enemy tanks to the idle feature supported by this game. You just need to move, navigate, and assign combos to your character and your character can fight himself.

— Multiple paths to develop character

Every time you defeat an enemy, you can gain EXP points and gold coins as rewards. These points can be collected to level up your hero by increasing his power attack speed, unlocking new skills and more advantages in the head-to-head battle. Besides, they can also be used to unlock new skins, costumes and attractive appearance of your hero, which means you can customize your character based on your preference.

This game offers over 30 special skills that divide into 2 groups: active skills and passive skills. The number of your skills will increase as you gradually level up. And you can use passive skills, by collecting some equipment and some activate buffs. And in order to improve your combat efficiency, remember the different cooldown for your each skill.

— Combat effects and graphics

As a mobile game, Wild Fighter Idle has still achieved the required eye-catching accuracy. The actions including kicking, swinging, punching, and combos of your characters are all outstanding, flexible and rhythmic. You can keep satisfied and excited all the time when watching the fighting scenes in Wild Fighter Idle.

Moreover, the whole game process can bring you a very detailed, smooth and   rare beautiful feeling. Every character, especially Hyun Woo, are all impressive and attractive with exude aggression and atmosphere suitable for fierce melee battles.


In conclusion, Wild Fighter Idle is such a unique role-playing melee game combined the freedom of character development with a series of uncompromising battles. You can just focus on strengthening your character and developing your skills and then find companions to join in an exciting battle, and let the game handle itself when you encounter enemies. Much more fun is waiting for you to explore in Wild Fighter Idle so download it to have a try now!


  • Name of Game: Wild Fighter Idle   
  • Category: Role-playing
  • File size: 902MB
  • Last updated on: Sep 21, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v1.9.0 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: mobirix
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Not available)
  • Requires Android: Android 7.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play


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