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If you are a puzzle game lover, you won’t miss such a nice game named Wildscapes, which has achieved over 10 million downloads and more than 500,000 positive reviews from players on Google Play.

Introduction about Wildscapes

Wildscapes is a match 3 puzzle platformer game published and developed by extreme publisher Playrix, one of the leading mobile game developers. Since it was just released, this sequel of such famous brand has won a great success, which has attracted millions of passionate game lovers. Here are some details about the game Wildscapes.

— background story

The story begins in a beautiful fantasy zoo which is always the most popular places for tourists and residents in the town. However, the zoo soon becomes in crisis and the joy never lasts for too long. For some reason, all the animals there gradually starve, the trees wither, and the tourists leave one by one, leaving everything desolate and bleak.

You will play a role of the character named Jac, the manager of this zoo. With the help of a quite cute panda, you have to solve those difficult puzzles together to find a way of restoring and rebuilding this beautiful old zoo, bring back its popularity and glory.

— a typical match 3 puzzle game

Wildscapes has two predecessors, which are Homescapes and Gardenscapes. You will use your puzzle skills like them to restore the landscape of the zoo step by step through various quests.

This game brings different situations. For example, tourists may need a food stall to deal with hunger, or children may need a separate area to play. In order to meet the need of every customer, you need to use your skills and solve match 3 puzzles there.

Players will match 3 objects of the same color in a row. You can solve puzzles faster by stacking more objects and creating more epic explosive combos. Therefore, try to make good use of your wisdom and strategy to stack as many objects as you can.

— take advantages of the bonuses to unlock more fun animals

Every time you complete a game level, you can gain a bonus of gold or diamonds which are used for decorating and upgrading the zoo later. And as many animals have left because of the crisis at the beginning, you can also use your coins to unlock and buy new animals that are classified from small to large, or from common to rare to enrich your zoo and attract more visitors.

Wildscapes offers a variety of animals such as fox, deer, lion, hippo, jaguar, and even rhinoceros waiting for you to explore. The more and rarer animals you collect in your zoo, the more bonuses you can get from visitors in the town. As it becomes much more difficult to gain rewards, you can have a kind panda guy to assist you all the time. When you have difficulty solving a puzzle, the panda will give some useful hints or even offer additional items to make it easier for you to pass the game. Although the times of receiving help are limited, you can take enough advantages of them to deal with the puzzles in the game.

— sounds and graphics

Wildscapes offers 3D cartoon style on background with very bright and diverse colors, which makes this game lively and colorful. All the designs from animals to landscapes are so sharp and elaborate that can make every player fascinated thanks to its excellent image quality. Besides, the sound is also catchy and vivid to make nobody complain about.


In conclusion, Wildscapes really wins an excellent unorthodox success. Combining zoo building style, this match 3 puzzle game will surely make you spend hundreds of hours getting immersed in it thanks to its absolute addiction. Download and have a try of Wildscapes now!


  • Name of Game: Wildscapes   
  • Category: Puzzle
  • File size:169MB
  • Last updated on: Aug 27, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v2.3.1 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: Playrix
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Not available)
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play


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