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Imagining living in the wilderness of a cold and snow-covered winter, what’s the best way to survive? When you find yourself in this situation, can you grasp the slim chance of life? WinterCraft: Survival Forest is such a game that can give you a chance to experience the memorable survival in the harsh snowy landscape.

Introduction about WinterCraft: Survival Forest

WinterCraft: Survival Forest is a survival game set in the winter forest, published and developed by La Bues. This game can make all the scenarios with this extreme situation possible for players to get immersed in. Here are some details about WinterCraft: Survival Forest.

— Background in a white winter

This game begins and ends with a white snowy scene, rather than the usual tropical jungle or deep blue sea. You wake up from an accident and get lost in a winter forest covered with heavy snowfall. Since your water and food is limited, you need to find a verity of survival methods to stay alive until the dawn of the next day.

Without any companion, you have to do anything alone and may encounter many dangers from the the weather environment to the ferocious animals living in the deep forest. Here are many things you should do, including gathering resources, building a shelter for yourself, finding a way to start a fire to hunt for food, collecting snow to have water to drink by burning under the fire… Much more challenges may cause you to give up at any time. Will you keep living as long as possible?

— During the day: collecting, building, and crafting

When the sun rises, you need to work actively and continuously to get ready for the coming challenges at night. You need to cut wood, trees and store many resources to make weapons and tools and take full advantage of everything at hand. By doing this, the health of your character may reduce. Pay attention to that and keep your character from exhaustion as you may fail to turn around when an incident arises.

Another necessary thing is to get food and water to maintain your character’s Health Bar. You can collect food by picking from fruit trees and hunting animals such as deer, fish and birds. As for water, you can take a drink by melting snow on fire, which requires you to light the fire since it’s not easy in such cold snowfall as a basic survival skill. Once you master it, you can keep you safe and even have a mobile stove to create a source of water for survival anywhere.

Besides, you need a shelter to maintain fire or store your resource. Make good use of the tools and materials like trees, rocks, sharp iron rods to gradually build a suitable shelter to protect yourself at any moment.

— During the night: defending, fighting and hiding in the shelter at night

Darkness is always complicit in danger. When the night comes, you must soon recognize that deadly danger will come from the forest. You can combine your weapons and craft items to defend against the bloodthirsty wolves and tigers surrounding your shelter outside.

In addition to wild animals, WinterCraft: Survival Forest also creates the unpredictable weather system. You need to face strong wind an frost and your footsteps on a heavy snow day will become heavier and harder to lift. Try to find ways to avoid being buried in the snow.


In general, WinterCraft: Survival Forest gives you a quite fancy survival experience similar to a series of other survival games. Will you be able to maintain the fire, build shelter, and find food and water struggle for survival? Are you a victim of this disaster or a survivor who perseveres through all difficulties? Come and make your choice in the game WinterCraft: Survival Forest!


  • Name of Game: WinterCraft: Survival Forest   
  • Category: Survival
  • File size: 329MB
  • Last updated on: Oct 27, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v1.0.37 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: La Bues
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Unlimited Money)
  • Requires Android: Android 5.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play


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