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Wood Factory – Lumber Tycoon may be a wonderful opportunity to become an entrepreneurial lumberjack. In this game, you can witness that your small-scale company in development becomes a large timber conglomerate. Otherwise, you go up the ladder in another big wood factory and end up being the boss in it.

You are equipped with loads of wood logs which you can use to do anything. Wood Factory provides, conveyors, debarks, chisel & plank machines, so use your wisdom to take full advantage of them.

As a Lumber Tycoon, you need to think about how to expand your lumberyard business. Only by making great marketing strategies and promoting productivity will you be able to make steady progress. You are expected to simultaneously make sure that the lumber is of good quality. However, we all know that One finger cannot lift a small stone. Thus, you can hire helpers for your business.


  • The business model is unique and interesting, and players can feel the abounding business achievements at any time.
  • Our team carefully crafts every detail to create a solid wood factory operating environment for a better play experience.
  • The perfect combination of graphics and sound effects makes the game more realistic and interesting, which is a leisure business game worth trying.


✦ Logging

At first, all you need to do is cut down trees and change them into wooden boards to gain rewards. Maybe logging is not as simple as what you think. Before going on a further journey, you ought to adapt your equipment to the factors occurring in the target forest, such as landscape, the type of woods, and neighborhood conditions. Unlocking and Upgrading your machines is also essential for you.

✦ Machining

You can extract lots of different kinds of trees and decide on their further processing. When you collect enough wood logs, it’s time to turn them into real productions. Combine and overlay, any way you want, and it prepares the ground for wood sale.

✦ Cooperation

Competitive players compete with each other to bid, and the winner can obtain more rare resources. You can cooperate or compete with other participants, as well as participate in timber trading and investment activities.

In addition, you can employ more helpers to expand the fleet and infrastructure of your own company.

✦ Constructing

Depending on inclinations on obtained plots, you can construct your possessed objects for different purposes. The cost of the plot depends on the region and area. Planning your possess production line, sawmill, residential home, or anything is conceivable much obliged to the secluded development framework.

✦ Expansion

The lumber market fully simulates the real business environment and competitive pressures, filling players with exciting challenges. You will manage your own lumber mill and keep fighting for your business and profits. Explore various growth paths and business methods to build a lumber kingdom that is truly your own.


The hand-crafted world permits you to investigate a continually developing world. Its appearance is to a great extent subordinate to the players and particularly where they will go. In arrange to extend incomes, the player can visit difficult-to-reach places that stow away outstandingly one-of-a-kind tree species. There is much more for you to explore. In turn, somebody else will likely be upbeat to remain in peaceful ranges to construct a manufacturing plant on a worldwide scale.

Dive into the lumber world of massive wood generation to gain a bounty of cash and become a wealthy lumber tycoon to extend your wood business empire.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Wood Factory – Lumber Tycoon 0.3
  • Category: Free Arcade Game
  • Developer: Sablo Studio
  • Requires Android: 5.1+
  • Size: 97.0MB

Change Log

Version 0.3 updated on Sep. 11, 2023

  • Several log machines added 
  • 3 new environments added
  • Level with cut machine added



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