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Are you interested in the fascinating oriental hero world? And are your crazy about the world of swordplay? Both of your tastes can be met in the game WuXia Online:Idle,which is completely different from the sluggish shooting fighting games that you’ve ever played and can make you immersed in many new things including the language, skills, weapons and feeling of the mighty martial arts arena!

Introduction about WuXia Online:Idle

WuXia Online:Idle is a kind of online card collecting and combat role-playing game published by ForShow Games. It’s a good place for you to understand a whole new world in an Idle swordplay arena! Here are some details for why it’s worth a try.

  • A world of swordplay

You may have seen the world of swordplay only in the great Chinese swordplay novels, but this time you can experience the deep and long history as well as the countless cultural, religious and political factors of many Eastern countries in WuXia Online:Idle. It’s not too noisy like the post-apocalyptic or antagonistic themes of the West, but like a small flame gradually keeping burning longer and longer. If you want to get into deep touch with the swordplay and don’t want to learn about the complicated rules, WuXia Online:Idle is the best choice for you to enjoy.

In this world, you are brought back into the period of Chinese most aggressive swordplay, with all the swordsmen and heroes all over the world being recruited, cultivated and trained in martial arts skills in order to win a heroic position in the dramatic arenas. You can see the bravery of every characters and explore the deep fantasy martial arts world full of a series of arenas, swordsmen as well as great heroes competing for winning the throne as the noble martial arts master.

  • Collecting the card to enter different sect

WuXia Online:Idle currently offers over 120 heroic generals you can unlock and recruit to form different factions according to the abilities and skills of each unique character in the form of general cards. Lead your well-arranged squad into the arena and compete with other online players. You can win your battle and grow your own sect by both utilizing the advantages of your factions and squad and upgrading the characters you have.

Each character has his own style and skill to fight so that you need to understand their abilities well to coordinate and combine them into different battle tactics in a proper way. The good thing is that your characters can fight automatically and you just allocate your team and wait for the victory. Exert your bravery and willing of trying with a breakthrough tactical mind to the utmost, and you will become the master of this martial arts arena.

  • Strengthen the ability of your character

It’s also necessary to enhance your character to create a more powerful sect by joining various activities like climbing towers, passing levels, gathering resources in the area as well as participating in the current arena. The strengthened levels and abilities will remain in any battle so that you can feel free to upgrade your characters without worrying about resetting.

  • Enjoying the amazing 2.5D graphics

In WuXia Online:Idle, you can see the beautifully-designed characters, scenery and environment in 2.5D. This game offers great combat effects and swing moves based on the real movements of heroes that can leave you very deep impressions and makes you immersed into the eastern world of swordplay.


Download WuXia Online:Idle to experience the fascinating oriental hero world with a new horizon full of exciting, brazen and requiring high tactical bravery. We are sure you will be lost in such an interesting idle game on your mobile!


  • Name of Game:WuXia Online:Idle  
  • Category: Card
  • Developer:ForShow Games
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Not available)
  • Requires Android: Android 5.0
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Google Play
  • The Newest Version: v1.0.1018 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Last updated on: Sep 2, 2023
  • File size: 282MB


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