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XENO BALL is a free-to-play anime action and arcade game that offers an epic 2D combat experience where you can unlock all the anime characters and maximize your power. Featuring an iconic 2D art style, XENO BALL promises the thrill of explosive power and smooth control of your characters’ awesome abilities.

Will you become the next legendary dragon warrior? Enter the arena, challenge your friends, meet new players from around the world, and invite them to incredible online battles! Participate in player rankings, dominate the game, and strive to be the top! The epic adventure, action-packed gameplay, various funny modes, and friends await you!


🤹‍♂️ Charming Characters

You can pick from 10 awesome characters, each with their own unique abilities traits, and never-before-seen transformations. Outwit or strongly defeat your opponents and become the top at the XENO BALL.

👔 Amazing Customization

As mentioned before, each character has its own unique style, design, and special ability. You can change their outfits to make them truly become one-of-a-kind. The completed hero will master the battlefield, and barge through crowds, wowing the viewers to rule the rankings!

👯‍♂️ Online Multiplayer Mode

The fun keeps going. In XENO BALL, you can also play with other players online. You can fight against players from all over the world in exciting battles or team up with others to defeat the ultimate enemies in XENO BALL. Let’s make a virtual arena where you can play in real-time with your friends!

⚡ Newly Remastered Graphics

You can experience visuals inspired by retro 2D graphics with beautiful realistic combat elements. Even if you are playing this game for a long time, you won’t feel aesthetic fatigue or overuse your eyes. When you engage in a fight, your strikes will be enhanced with special lightning effects that appear really awesome.

🗺 Awesome Maps

Immerse yourself in XENO BALL’s rich lore-filled history and epic storyline as you can unlock new maps with the difficulty gradually increasing. With loads of awesome maps to roam, secrets to discover, and enemies to defeat, XENO BALL offers a wealth of gameplay for you to uncover.


🕹 Basic Controls

XENO BALL has a wonderful simplicity to the controls and all 10 characters have the same way of control pattern. The controls and gameplay of XENO BALL are really easy to understand. Every attack can be done by pressing one button or one button press while also holding a direction. This easy-to-control mode caters to traditional players who adore real-time action that demands quick reflexes.

XENO BALL allows you to choose from various characters and transformations that you can unlock. You have many chances to make each character stronger in a simple and clear manner. Make sure you pay attention to your MP Gauge, lest your enemy defeats you by surprise!

💰 Daily Rewards Await

Don’t forget to collect the daily rewards that will help you move forward in the game and you will also receive bonuses for beating other players. That’s to say you will become much stronger every time you win.


XENO BALL is a thrilling combat game and takes this kind of game to a whole new level with its special combat system, strategies, and characters. Each character has their own special abilities that stand out even more when upgraded by you. Dive into the intense and action-packed battlefield typical of Dragon Ball. Download and let your spirit burn in XENO BALL!


  • Latest Version: XENO BALL: LEGENDS WARRIORS 3.532
  • Category: Arcade Game
  • Developer: Fofudo Games
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 5.1+
  • Storage: 61.3MB


New Version 3.532 updated on Sep. 18, 2023

  • New looks for some characters
  • Included devices that have 32b to be supported
  • Added the new character, Erbito
  • New special abilities added for certain characters
  • The versus mode available again
  • The pink diamond shop opened
  • New ways to train with lightning effects
  • Bug fixed and improvements



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