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Yggdrasil 2: Awakening can bring you into a beautiful world full of surprise and excitement to explore with its memorable and poetic gameplay. If you are a gamer who loves RPG games, Yggdrasil 2: Awakening is the best choice for you to have fun!

Introduction about Yggdrasil 2: Awakening

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening is a Role-Playing game with anime style. It’s about a world full of ferocious monsters that plan to destroy and occupy the entire world. Players need to awaken the gods and create a savior team to fight with the evils, restore the whole world and bring love and peace everywhere. Here are some details about Yggdrasil 2: Awakening.

  • Background

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening creates a world invaded by ocean of scary and crazy monsters. They, gradually increasing their number, are smashing every corner and killing all the creates on this planet mercilessly. The whole world is in great danger and may be devastated and come to an end.

But humans do not mean to wait for death. Many of them from some lands have chosen their own saviors, and you are one of them with the mission of saving the world by fate. Your mission is probably very hard since you will be taken into countless battles with such horrible monsters, but luckily, you can get much help from the goddesses with their talented skills. Choose some characters among them with the total number of over 100, and make a powerful team as your army, then you can win almost every battle against enemies and return happiness into the world by using your ability of leading and planning a great squad.

  • Gameplay

All the goddesses are willing to offer help as a powerful generals and heroines. You can command them and gather the power from them to protect the world. Here are two main steps.

– At the beginning, you can choose 5 goddesses among the initially available characters to make a team. Then you can start your adventure of exploration in this new land.

– Next, after finishing reading the stories of the first chapter, you can be led into a battle field to fight against the appeared monsters by using your strategy and allocating your own battle squad.

It’s not so difficult to understand the rules and operations, and if necessary, you can turn on the auto-hit mode to automatically continue your fight. This mode helps release your hands and you can just let everything unfold on the battlefield and watch your character gradually beat the enemies without controlling directly. But remember, each final victory depends on your arrangement of the squad. Therefore, you need to set up your group with 5 goddesses properly by considering their places, actions and orders of play as well as choosing the right path on each map with your wisdom and good strategy.

  • Weapons and upgrading systems

Every time you win the battle in Yggdrasil 2: Awakening, you can receive various kinds of legendary weapons and other materials for upgrading your characters. You can try your best to make your team reach to the SSR level, which means your teams can be invincible wherever the battle is. Besides, more new characters can be unlocked and collected after accumulating high combat achievements, allowing you to make squad without any limit and take down monsters more quickly and efficiently.

  • Interesting modes

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening also provides several modes to meet every player’s taste.

  1. PVE mode — it’s a story mode for you to learn about the main theme and explore the world.
  2. PVP mode — You can match and fight with other players to check your skills and the power of your team.
  3. Roguelike mode– It gives you more dramatic battle and you can have more motivation to fight randomly.


  • Name of Game:Yggdrasil 2: Awakening 
  • Category: Role-Playing
  • Developer: Noctua Games
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Not available)
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Google Play
  • The Newest Version: v1.0.6 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Last updated on: Sep 12, 2023
  • File size: 990MB


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