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What if the end of the world comes? What will you feel like and act when facing the world full of bloodstained zombies and infective viruses? How do you spend your dark time in these disasters? Zero City, a post-apocalyptic themed game that can get you into such vivid situations to experience and survive from the zombie pandemic that spreads everywhere!

Introduction about Zero City

– Background

Zero City is a kind of mobile survival simulation game that recreates the real life of people in the gloomy post-apocalyptic world, with the theme of managing and observing humans under bunkers for their daily life.

While, unlike any other zombie-themed games, Zero City combines both battles and real daily life of people survived. Not only can you fight against zombies for survival and protecting humans in Zero City, but also you can see what the life is like in the bunker and how humans work and sustain their life in such a dangerous and desperate world.

It’s very interesting to observe the human activity. During the daytime, they spend money and efforts training the army so that they can guard their shelter and fight with zombies through weapons and defense at night since zombies will be more active to attack people especially at this time. What’s more, they cook meals and search for valuable items to make weapons at daytime, and work as guardians with armed guns, carefulness and courage at night. They put themselves into building, reconstructing and fighting zombies, which may bring you hope and power in this post-apocalyptic world. You can use different perspectives to enjoy your playing time with just defeating zombies.

– Your role as a leader in the bunker

In Zero City, you will act as a leader of this shelter to protect the resting human and find a chance to counterattack. Your mission is to allocate both human resources and material resources, including assigning tasks for each person as their work based on his personalities and abilities, building and the bunker to strengthen its defense system, and managing the battle against zombies that may randomly happen anywhere at anytime. You must utilize every resources rationally according to their features to make sure you defeat as more zombies as possible and fewer people sacrifice. Therefore, use your wisdom and strategy to explore the most suitable task for people with various skills, and construct your shelters till it’s fit for people to live.

Every step is important for your survival. You need to fully focus yourself on every part and always get ready to allocate food and water for common people as well as assign alert warriors to watch if there are any danger around. Besides, every item you or other people have collected may be a significant key to survival. Never ignore any of them if you want to fight and stay alive.

Additionally, you can upgrade your weapons and teach your soldiers how to use them so that they can defeat zombies more easily.

– Multiplayer mode in Zero City

Your enemy is not only zombie, but also other survivors that cast greedy eyes on the limited resources. So you can also join the multiplayer PVP mode to gain more materials if you win, which requires stronger power and is more fierce than just combat with zombies.

We hope you can enjoy your game playing time and expect you to explore and experience many interesting moments in Zero City!


  • Name of Game: Zero City
  • Category: Strategy  
  • Developer: UPWAKE.ME
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Not available)
  • Requires Android: Android 5.0
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Google Play
  • The Newest Version: 1.45.1(with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Last updated on: Oct 6, 2023
  • File size: 141MB


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