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Zgirls3 is an online role-playing game designed by Topwar Studio. You can enjoy your adventures and connections with many cute girls of various personalities. If you are interested in such kind of games, we are sure you will indulge yourself in Zgirls3!

Introduction about Zgirls3

There is a mythical and magical world waiting for you to discover. Learn about the background story of this world introduced by some girls with supernatural powers, and you can open your adventure to fight with them against your enemies. You can accept different types of missions to complete, including defeating evil bosses or investigating your surroundings. We offer both PVE and PVP mode for you to enjoy.

Here are some details about Zgirls3.

– About background

You are a player sent into a post-apocalyptic world with wars and advanced armed forces. The characters here are facing challenges in building armies, bases and designing strategies. Your mission is to keep in contact with your alliance all over the world and assist them to improve their bases, develop military force in order to protect their countries and companions.

– About gameplay

Zgirls3 specializes in its combat system. Besides purely using your strategies to win every battle, many other interesting formats are also added into Zgirls3. It has diverse characters with various abilities as well as different kinds of weapons and equipment to strengthen their attacking abilities and defense. Based on the battlefield and your own fighting style, you can choose the most suitable squad so that you can ensure your victory.

– About equipment and character system

Zgirls3 has over 50 beautiful and cute female generals including some elite ones for you to choose. It offers rich and unique equipment customized for every character so that you can set your teams and characters according to your preference. By searching and trading, you can equip your characters with many support items such as weapons, armors as well as their beautiful clothes. You can both collect and spend your coins on the arena for trading and exchanging to improve your characters.

Moreover, as each character has her different skills and can significantly strengthen power by combining with some special types of skills, it’s important to make your team suitable for every battle. You can create your squad that is most probable to win by using your strategy and wisdom.

– About guild

You will never feel lonely and helpless when playing Zgirls3. we offer communities to connect and interact with other players about their characters and fighting styles. You can join their alliances for combat and organize joint raids to gain rich rewards. Also, you can have a battle against other guilds to enjoy its competitive atmosphere.

– About modes

Zgirls3 provides 4 modes for players to choose their preference.

  • Story mode–the main mode to enjoy the rich and impressive storyline. You can unlock new characters and collect materials for their upgrading.
  • Challenge mode–the battlefield to use your strategy and wisdom to fight with enemies and receive many rewards.
  • PVP mode–a place to interact with other players which may require better teams and equipment.
  • Guild mode—a platform for communication with many players if you have any problem or topic to share.

– About annual events

Zgirls3 has many special events to attract you with lots of interesting gameplay and rewards. You can collect rare and valuable items for your bases and characters.

To sum up, Zgirls3 is such a fantastic game that you shouldn’t miss. We are waiting all of you to open your own story here!


  • Name of Game: Zgirls3 
  • Category: Role-Playing  
  • Developer: Topwar Studio
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Not available)
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Google Play
  • The Newest Version: 1.145.51(with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Last updated on: June 2, 2023
  • File size: 910MB


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