Zombie Farm:Ghost Survivor

Zombie Farm:Ghost Survivor

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  • Android 5.1+
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The zombies are coming now! The farm is no longer peaceful. Scary zombies are rising up from the ground, making farmers run away in fear...
Find a safe place to hide, lock the door, and do whatever you can to stay alive and fight against these terrifying zombies. Create a strong defense system to protect yourself from these scary reapers or they will chase after you and eat you!

🧟 What will you face in this survival game? 🧟
In this game, you will come across different kinds of scary monsters like Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Chucky, and more. Be careful, as some zombies can eat you

🧟What can you do in Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor?🧟
Be shrewd! Utilize your gold to construct and overhaul the plant against zombies and do not get out of the cultivate.
In case they are assaulting your entryway, press the [Repair] button to repair the entryway quickly.
Tap to construct and upgrade your structures. Overhaul your plants to form them more grounded.

Hidе and go seek your thrills! Download Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor to chase the zombies away!


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