Zombie High School

Zombie High School v8.77 MOD APK(Team Combat)

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“Hey! Have you heard what happened to the students of that high school?”
“ Shouldn't they just be focused on studying, dating, and partying like people in their age?”

I came to the top private high school, but why... there are hordes of zombies gnawed their way to the top becoming the high school’s apex predator.
It’s crystal clear that someone planned it all! In Zombie High School, you gotta be one of the students to explore the dangerous school and find out the truth. Get away from the zombies chasing you, defend yourself and defy death!

✔ Infection Mode (2~8 players)
One of the people playing becomes a zombie and the others need to run away to stay alive. The time you live decides the degree of your rewards.

✔ Cops & Robbers (2~8 team combat)
Prepare your plan for the 4 vs.4 mode. As a human team or a zombie team, destroy the opposite. Stay alert all the time!

✔ Fight Against Zombie (4-player squad)
Follow the story to discover the secret of Zombie High School. Work together with your friend, build up a well-balanced team, and arm yourselves to fight for the survival of your squad.

✔ Community Channel
Zombie High School offers you a vibrant community, where you can play or chat with as many as 100 players online. We made this secure area for you to relax without any worries.

If you believe in yourself, download and step into Zombie High School now!


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