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Zombie Offroad Safari v1.2.6 MOD APK(Unlimited Games)

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Do you want to enjoy both shooting and driving at the same time? Zombie Offroad Safari is such a game that combines controlling vehicles with attacking zombies. You won’t miss this game if you are interested in both of them.

Introduction about Zombie Offroad Safari

Zombie Offroad Safari offers you an off-road vehicle to escape from oceans of zombies surrounded. You can not only drive through roads, climb hillsides, but also cross streams and even go through cliffs! You need to use your wisdom to survive from both rough roads and countless bloody zombies as long as possible.

– Background

It’s a post-apocalyptic sandbox game with an open world. You are placed in a wasteland with almost no human survived in a disaster of infective virus, which gives birth to numerous zombies. With an increasing number of zombies that will bite and infect more and more humans, the chance of survival will be much rarer.

In such a desperate world, you play a role as a lucky survivor as well as a  proficient drivers with excellent driving skills. In order to escape from such wasteland with oceans of zombies, you find an off-road vehicle and put into some food and weapons, and then start your long-time journey of crossing the dangerous environment to find a way out.

– Gameplay

Zombie Offroad Safari is a fast-paced off-road driving game, which can bring you much joy and excitement. You can explore the open world full of danger as well as something unknown and overcome the attack of zombies.

You can drive the way you want, either carefully or crazily. As long as you can keep yourself alive and finish all your missions, you are encouraged to do anything you like and explore anywhere unknown without limitation. It’s recommended to search in some secret places where there may be some rare and important items to collect so that you can unlock better weapons or vehicles to upgrade your level and skill.

-Sandbox areas and enemies

Zombie Offroad Safari totally has 6 different sandbox areas with diverse geographical locations, ecosystems, contexts and landscapes for you to explore. Checkpoints filled with darkness, lunar places with low gravity… much fun is waiting for you to discover.

Also, there are many types of zombies and bosses with different skills. You can use your strategy and wise fighting style to enjoy your driving and escaping in every areas.

– Vehicles and weapons

Here are over 12 various kinds of off-road vehicles for you to choose, including heavy or light vehicles, police cars, six-wheeled gasoline tanker, and even the terrorist powerful truck and giant vehicles with rocket launchers, which can help you get out of some dangerous roads, mountains or winding roads that both humans and zombies may hardly go across. The types of cars differ from both appearance and functions, and you can experience different feelings of driving. Each time you find it hard to have another vehicle, you should still try to upgrade your current car by changing its wheels, adjusting its steering and strengthen its accelerators and breakers and so on. Make sure its strong enough to traverse any rough terrain and protect yourself till the end of your adventure.

Besides, you can equip yourself with some deadly weapons for crossing such roads and fight against zombies around you. You can collect the points during each turn to unlock many kinds of guns for shooting, including rifles, shotguns, ballistic missiles, stun guns, machine guns… Enjoy your time shooting zombies with great firepower!


  • Name of Game: Zombie Offroad Safari
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: DogByte Games
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Unlimited Games)
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Google Play
  • The Newest Version: 1.2.6(with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Last updated on: Sep 14, 2023
  • File size: 65MB


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