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Zombie Virus v1.1.5 MOD APK(MENU, One Hit)

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Are you afraid of facing countless thrilling zombies sweeping to you and trying to bite you? Can you find your way out to survive? Zombie Virus: K-Zombie will bring you to meet such a terrible situation and you should try hard to escape from the zombie world!

Introduction about Zombie Virus:

Zombie Virus is a kind of first-person zombie shooting game. Here you can fight with oceans of blood-thirsty zombies by using different weapons and proper strategies. We are sure it can give you goosebumps all the time when you are fighting against them.

– survive and escape from the world of zombies

It’s a post-apocalyptic world with most people infected by a certain virus and turned into insensible and gruesome zombies. Fortunately, a small number of people are immune to such virus and you are one of them. Your mission is to kill zombies around you and stay alive. Take a gun and a grenade with you to start your battle. Be aware that those zombies always intend to eat you!

– Choose special weapons for your war

Zombie Virus specializes in its weapons with their corresponding skills. As an experienced warrior, your character has the ability to use almost all the types of weapons that fall into his hand, from long-range guns such as rifles, sniper rifles and pistols, to close-range items like grenades and bombs for group attack around zombies, from vast weapons to hold to small weapons to easily carry, and from classic types to modern types.

Every kind of weapon has its own strong points and weakness. Your speed, accuracy and firepower of shooting vary from the type of weapon you hold. Therefore, choose the one that most suitable for you according to the current situation to continue your war.

– Upgrade your armaments for better attacking

Besides simply using single weapons, you can also mix your single skill into a more powerful one. The power multiplier, one of the most powerful skills, can realize it. Find some disjointed small guns or collect their missing parts during your attack, and you can combine each part into your destructive armaments.

Feel free and be creative to design your weapons in any way you like and you come up with!

– Find way out against variable zombies

You can see different types of zombies in Zombie Virus. And their diversification is beyond your imagination. Each kind of zombie is unique and has different skills and personalities. Moreover, they become stronger not only by genetically copying into new ones but also by gathering other skills into an “enhance” zombie, or even fierce bosses (in boss mode )! This is which brings you larger challenges and requires more excellent manipulation. Strengthen your abilities and shooting skills as you level up to meet more dangerous zombies, and you can be sure to win your battle excitedly.

– Enjoy many interesting kinds of mode

Based on the main character, Zombie Virus provides many levels for you to go through and you can choose any mode you like to meet your gaming tastes. There are large cities with a big map you can explore, so you can get into another new area after you have cleared all the missions locally.

Particularly, we recommend you Zombie Defense mode. With survivors’ base to be defended, you should lead the defenders to shoot the overwhelmed oceans of zombies and finally protect your base.

What’s more, you can also join Epic PVP mode if you have a competitive spirit. Kill as many zombies as you can to raise your ranking. The one who kills the most zombies will be praised and win awards.


With vivid 3D images and weird-looking zombies, Zombie Virus: K-Zombie is waiting for your arrival and we are sure you can hardly take your eyes off your screen!


  • Name of Game: Zombie Virus 
  • Category: Shooter
  • Developer: Clegames Inc.
  • MOD Features: MENU, One Hit
  • Requires Android: Android 5.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Google Play
  • The Newest Version:1.1.5(with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Last updated: July 29, 2023
  • File size: 224MB


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