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  • Android 4.4+
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If you are searching for a zombie game with unique styles,Zombie.io is here for you to play!

Welcome to Zombies.io, an action game that can bring you both visual feast and exciting playing experience! You can enjoy your nice fight against zombies with destructive arm weapons as a crazy fast-paced zombie shooter.


In this game, you will play a role as a mechanical superhero who owns very strong and powerful combat abilities. All kinds of mechanical arms are built by you in order to declare the war on oceans of zombies, who attempt to occupy your homeland with unknown origin. It’s a game world pixel art, and the number of zombies here will increase at a fast and unexpected speed, fiercely spreading everywhere in your homeland which will seriously treat the earth and may eat out all the humans, animals and other lives.

Under such a dangerous circumstance, you are the only hope of the earth to protect your homeland. You need to use your outstanding mechanical technology and advanced weapons to fight against these zombies. As long as you put both into use, your lonely but glorious battle begins.

Zombies.io is a roguelike survival game while it’s completely more than a  roguelike survival game. It’s with a similar style as shooters in classic arcade spaceship, but it also blends the game styles of ages, past as well as present. Your role is shrunk and fixed in the middle of the game interface with a top-down perspective, which makes you surrounded by a plenty of crazy zombies rushing close to you and try to attack you. The only action you need to do is to shoot bullets by using your mechanical arm to defeat as many zombies as you can. Every zombie you have defeated will flash and change into your score.

Sounds very easy and relaxing, right? However, there’s one principle you have to remember, which is that you must play from the very beginning every time if you are defeated(with your HP reducing to zero). Hence you should be careful enough, and it’s your weapon that strengthens your power by upgrading and unlocking new types.


Since the rules are easy to understand, you just choose your favorite character, weapons and random skills at the beginning, then you can start a battle. The best strategy of winning the battle is to attempt a surprise raid on your enemies. There is a place that filled with the largest number of zombies, where you can best aim to destroy the most enemies by using your mechanical arm full of strong firepower. There are all types of mechanical weapons. The more enemies you defeat, the more epic armor types you can unlock to increase your stamina and firepower.

And since it’s a roguelike game, your strategies of attack vary from your location on game screen and the weapons you hold based on how long you have played. Use your strategies and wisdom to win the battle and bring back the peace in your homeland!


    We are proud of our design of sound and graphics in Zombie.io. The color is not too bright but attractive enough to catch your eyes. The music, mixing elements of modern arcade with role-play methods, can also leave you a pleasant and unforgettable impressions. Besides, you can see a crazy world full of storms and flashing light with enormous zombies, which ignites your passions and excitement. I’m sure you will enjoy your time when immersed in the game.



  • Name of Game: Zombies.io
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: KolaFun
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Google Play
  • The Newest Version:2.1.2(with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Last updated: Jul 4, 2023
  • File size: 35MB


5 1 Reviews


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